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Questions from viewers

June 17, 2010

Julie and I are constantly getting questions from viewers and we thought we would try to share some with you. Many of you may have some of the same questions and concerns.

Q: We are on a tight budget but need to give the house a fresh feel. What is the best way to spend our money and make the biggest difference?

A: PAINT—Paint can change the look and feel of a home/room instantly. It is relatively inexpensive and makes a really strong impact. Don’t spend big money on expensive paint. You can always find a color you like and go have it matched in a less expensive bran.

 As long as the job is done well and the colors appeal to the buyer–they won’t know that you went with a less expensive brand or the pricey one.

I love the color “Latte” from Restoration Hardware–It is the perfect “neutral” tone in my opinion–you can find a sample at

Always keep in mind–YOU ARE MOVING! You won’t get to enjoy the expensive paint job after you move.

For more great ideas and money saving tips go to

Please keep the questions and comments coming!

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